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Provider Services

HTC provides a wide range of support services for the developmentally disabled community. We support individuals in Butler, Hamilton, Warren, and Clermont Counties. We provide waiver and non-waiver support services for all age groups.
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Our Story

Our founders took a non-traditional path to starting an in home health care company. We have a foundation of great Direct Care Professionals, provided with an unparalleled working environment built on our core values of COMPASSION, RESPECT, and PATIENCE.
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HopeTree Care has compiled an area for you to visit with useful information and links to relevant organizations. You may contact HopeTree Care if you cannot find the desired information. We will be happy to assist you in finding the information you need at no charge.
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Training Center

It is with great pleasure that HopeTree Care announces the opening of the Kevin M. Kane Training and Education Center. We'd like to thank the Kane Family for their support of our agency and endeavors to train and educate in the Developmental Disabilities community.
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Our Mission

HopeTree Care’s mission is to provide a high level of care with thoughtful and supportive caregivers. We will provide a workplace environment that fosters our core values of COMPASSION, RESPECT, and PATIENCE.

We will monitor our staff and practices to ensure that we maintain reputable and competent delivery of services. We will provide support services to those with developmental, medical or psychological disabilities in the comfort of their home or location of their choice.

We will encourage and expect active participation in the development of the best QUALITY OF LIFE possible for each individual we support. HopeTree Care will grow this quality of life by rooting our guiding principles in the foundation of equal rights for all individuals regardless of their disability.

Our Vision

HopeTree Care’s Vision is to become the gateway for individuals with medical, psychological, or developmental disabilities to have a fulfilling and accomplished daily life.


  • If you want an agency to do "the right thing" with and for the individual, this is the agency to choose. Thanks HopeTree Care for the support and work you do!
    Meg K.

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Our Partners in Care

Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services
Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities
Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities
Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities
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