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Established with Support from the Kane Family

KMK with Dad

It is with great pleasure that HopeTree Care announces the opening of the Kevin M. Kane Training and Education Center. We would like to thank the Kane Family for their support of our agency and our endeavors to train and educate in the field of Developmental Disabilities.

HopeTree Care has always had a desire to improve the quality of life for the individuals we support. Our Mission and our Core Values were derived from our time in public service. It was not until we began to support Kevin M. Kane that we truly understood the impact that we would have on an individual and their quality of life. The following is Kevin’s Journey.

Early Life

KMK Early Life

Kevin was born in April of 1980. At nine months old his Mom noticed that he was having uncontrolled seizure activity and shortly thereafter he was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. The cause is unknown. Lennox-Gastaut is characterized by multiple type seizure activity, moderate to severe cognitive impairment, and slow spike and wave EEG pattern.

Kevin attended the Stepping Stones and Bobbie B. Fairfax School for Pre-School. At the age of three he became a big brother to his sister Jessica. Kevin continued to attend Bobbie B. Fairfax School and then attended a County Unit at Indian Hill School District. Kevin was the first individual to receive services for the Community Integrated Training and Education Program (CITE). Kevin attended Westfork prior to being approved for an Individual Options (IO) Waiver when he was 13.

Adolescent Years to Adulthood

Over the years Kevin and his family enjoyed vacations to New Hampshire, Niagara Falls, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Kiawah, Sanibel, Colorado, New Orleans and New Jersey. They also visited Hawaii where Kevin was christened. Locally they went to the Cincinnati Zoo, Kings Island, the Krohn Conservatory, Newport Aquarium, and the Loveland Bike trail. They also enjoyed going to parks especially if they had swings, and horseback riding.

KMK at the Zoo

Kevin attended Indian Hill Schools, as a fully included student, for Junior and Senior High School. In 2001 Kevin’s Dad, Mike, was transferred to New Jersey for work. Kevin and his Mom stayed in Ohio where Kevin had support services. Five years later Kevin moved in with his independent provider and attended Home Plate for his Day Program. After five years apart Kevin’s Mom moved to New Jersey to be with her husband. Fortunately, she was there with her Husband when he passed from cancer. Kevin eventually moved into a group home with three other individuals.

New Beginnings

HopeTree Care first began to support in late August of 2013. His Mother and Guardian decided a change in environment might be good for him and selected us to provide support services. We quickly found Kevin an apartment and for the first time in his life he had his own place to call home.

KMK group support services

Kevin requires total care. He needs support for all Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL). This total need for support directly affects his quality of life.

Holding true to our Mission we set out to provide supports that would improve his quality of life. Kevin began to thrive very quickly. He gained weight and became more active. His seizure activity was drastically reduced with proper medication administration and medical monitoring. Kevin will turn 34 this April and now has the ability to set his own course in life with a support network that includes his Family, Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services, his Physicians, Sonny Spot Too, and HopeTree Care.

KMK swimming water therapyQuality of Life Issues

Our Mission is to ensure a better quality of life for all those we support. We believe that the first step toward completing that mission is proper training for our Direct Care Professionals. We can achieve this by providing pertinent training and education from knowledgeable instructors at the Kevin M. Kane Training and Education Center. Better training reduces turnover rates and ensures continuity in support. Through this means we can ensure continued success in HopeTree Care’s mission.



We would be remise if we did not include the story of how and to what extent Meg Kane, Kevin’s Mom, did to advocate for her son and the developmentally disabled. We reached out to her to inquire about her advocacy. This is what she had to say.

“As Kevin grew, I saw firsthand the needs of people with disabilities and their families.  I saw the gaps.  I have always believed that people with disabilities have an important and contributing place in society and have a right to go to school, work, live and play in a fully inclusive community among their friends and families. Supports and adaptations are needed which benefit us all because we all are one accident, one condition, or an age from having a disability which can be temporary or permanent. I also believe people with disabilities and their families need to be integral participants in the construction of policy which directly impacts their lives.

So…I attended SERRC (Southeast Regional Resource Center) trainings and lectures, TASH (The Association of Severely Handicapped) conferences, and self-determination conferences.  I participated in Partners in Policy and Project Leadership training.  I proudly served on the DODD (Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council) where I was Vice-Chair and Public Chair. I co-founded the Ohio Olmstead Taskforce and served as Co-Chair. I briefly served on the board of Arc of Ohio.

I participated in various legislative initiatives. I was involved in the creation of the OADSP (Ohio Alliance for Direct Support Professionals).  I gave testimony before the Ohio Congress and spoke at a conference held by Health and Human Services in support of self-determination. I gave presentations at various conferences. I studied policy because I knew and lived how it impacted people with disabilities and their families. 

I along with his sister, his guardian, focus on advocating with and for Kevin. Through it all, Kevin continues to be our source of inspiration and direction as he is our moral compass.”

– Meg Kane

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